Nashville Music: Music Venues to Visit

Nashville Music: Music Venues to Visit

For those that love everything Nashville music, it pays to check out some of the many venues in and around the city. Sure, you could go to that location you keep going to, or that big arena that tends to book the biggest gigs, but true Nashville music lovers know the importance of choosing one of the locations that allow the new guys to find the position right for them.

There are many music venues in Nashville. Each one is a bit different, of course, in the type of music it offers as well as the outstanding artists they book. Still, there are a few venues worth checking out.

·         Check out Losers Bar and Grill. It is the ultimate in dive bars and you will love every minute of it. This location is a top choice for those who want a variety of music.

·         Check out Venue 222. It is one of the best locations or live music in the city. Special events tend to happen here, too. It can hold up to 700 people, making it a great choice for lots of room.

·         Coyote Ugly Austin Bar on East 6th Street is a good option for many reasons. It is one of the most famous bars in the country, and, of course, it is part of the larger chain. You will love the food here and drinks, but the music is great, too.

Where is your favorite music venue that isn't a big facility? What is the best concert or special event you've seen there? Check out something new this week. It may be a great way to experience new music in Nashville.