Sarah Siskind

Sarah Siskind

Writer of Allison Kraus' "Simple Love"

Let’s get to know Sarah Siskind! Famous musicians such as Bon Iver and Allison Kraus have paid attention to the Nashville singer-songwriter, so why shouldn’t we? You might be familiar with Allison Kraus’ song “Simple Love” from her album A Hundred Miles or More. This song was actually written by Sarah, along with other similar pieces that Kraus has recorded. Bon Iver even covered her song “Loving’s For Fools.”

My favorite song of hers is “I Am Listening.” Listen to it! Her latest album, Novel, embodies piano and guitar as she sings with a beautiful voice that gives off a slight sense of attitude to the air with her twangy accent. Her music definitely encompasses the country feel that Kraus has been able to send all the way to the Grammys. 

You can find her music on YouTube and iTunes. Much of her music surrounds the idea of love using simple conversation-like lyrics to convey her message. Do not be dismayed by the fact that her YouTube videos are not all works of digital art, her simplicity is what shapes her. I personally enjoy her song “This Is My Face” from her album Living Room

I honestly think this album is much better than her most recent album. Living Room lets her express her soulful side. This album also has her version of “Simple Love” on it. It’s definitely interesting to compare her version with Kraus’ version! If you enjoy these songs, I highly suggest supporting this artist and buying one of her albums! She is currently on tour, even playing some of her shows with Bonnie Rait, but sadly will not be gracing her hometown this time around.