Nashville Museum Scores Big Holiday Bonus

Nashville Museum Scores Big Holiday Bonus


It is the season of giving and for one of the Nashville music industry’s largest museums, receiving has never been better. The Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum earned a huge donation to keep it going just this week. The gift, a $10 million pledge from the County Music Association provides an outstanding opportunity for the facility to continue to educate those in the area and around the world about country music.

The Pledge Aids In So Much

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a must visit location for anyone who loves music and loves country music especially. The pledge from the Country Music Association will go towards the $75 million expansion campaign the museum is running. This is the largest donation in a single gift to the museum in its history. It provides necessary and needed funds to keep the facility up and running.

The Hall of Fame is planning to move from the 140,000 square foot building it has now, into a much larger 350,000 square foot facility. This will provide a significantly larger space for the organization to put on its events and to showcase country music at its best. The new expansion will offer an 800 seat performance space that the organization will call the CMA Theater, named after the Country Music Association.

If you are visiting the location for the first time, the Nashville music scene is no better represented than it is at the museum. Stop by the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to learn more about it and about its ongoing programs.