Moon Taxi

Moon Taxi


Up and coming indie-progressive rock band, Moon Taxi, from Nashville, Tennessee is making their way to the big stage opening for Knoxville based band, The Dirty Guv’nahs and even playing at Bonnaroo this summer. The five-piece band met at Belmont University and the rest is history. I would suggest listening to their song “Gunflower” off their new album Cabaret, being one of my favorites. This song displays the band’s ability to move from a full band setting to an acoustic setting.

Otherwise you should listen to songs like “Mercury” and “Gimme a Light.” Their latest of three albums, Cabaret, gives off a soulful appeal that merges with rock in a very interesting way. If you enjoy bands like Kings of Leon and The Dirty Guv’nahs I believe you will equally enjoy Moon Taxi. 

Having seen them live a few years ago, I look back and remember being most amazed by their keyboardist, Wes Bailey. He is utterly amazing at what he does, and that goes for the rest of the band as well. Off their latest album, do not pass up listening to “Gunflower” and “Hypnus.”

Being a band that’s from my home town and attended my school, I am slightly partial to this group. But that aside, if you enjoy finding new music to share with your friends, their new album should definitely be your next purchase. I try to find new and interesting music to share with readers and I hope that this has furthered that adventure!