Moon Taxi


Up and coming indie-progressive rock band, Moon Taxi, from Nashville, Tennessee is making their way to the big stage opening for Knoxville based band, The Dirty Guv’nahs and even playing at Bonnaroo this summer. The five-piece band met at Belmont University and the rest is history. I would suggest listening to their song “Gunflower” off their new album Cabaret, being one of my favorites. This song displays the band’s ability to move from a full band setting to an acoustic setting.

Otherwise you should listen to songs like “Mercury” and “Gimme a Light.” Their latest of three albums, Cabaret, gives off a soulful appeal that merges with rock in a very interesting way. If you enjoy bands like Kings of Leon and The Dirty Guv’nahs I believe you will equally enjoy Moon Taxi. 

Having seen them live a few years ago, I look back and remember being most amazed by their keyboardist, Wes Bailey. He is utterly amazing at what he does, and that goes for the rest of the band as well. Off their latest album, do not pass up listening to “Gunflower” and “Hypnus.”

Being a band that’s from my home town and attended my school, I am slightly partial to this group. But that aside, if you enjoy finding new music to share with your friends, their new album should definitely be your next purchase. I try to find new and interesting music to share with readers and I hope that this has furthered that adventure!

Sarah Siskind

Writer of Allison Kraus' "Simple Love"

Let’s get to know Sarah Siskind! Famous musicians such as Bon Iver and Allison Kraus have paid attention to the Nashville singer-songwriter, so why shouldn’t we? You might be familiar with Allison Kraus’ song “Simple Love” from her album A Hundred Miles or More. This song was actually written by Sarah, along with other similar pieces that Kraus has recorded. Bon Iver even covered her song “Loving’s For Fools.”

My favorite song of hers is “I Am Listening.” Listen to it! Her latest album, Novel, embodies piano and guitar as she sings with a beautiful voice that gives off a slight sense of attitude to the air with her twangy accent. Her music definitely encompasses the country feel that Kraus has been able to send all the way to the Grammys. 

You can find her music on YouTube and iTunes. Much of her music surrounds the idea of love using simple conversation-like lyrics to convey her message. Do not be dismayed by the fact that her YouTube videos are not all works of digital art, her simplicity is what shapes her. I personally enjoy her song “This Is My Face” from her album Living Room

I honestly think this album is much better than her most recent album. Living Room lets her express her soulful side. This album also has her version of “Simple Love” on it. It’s definitely interesting to compare her version with Kraus’ version! If you enjoy these songs, I highly suggest supporting this artist and buying one of her albums! She is currently on tour, even playing some of her shows with Bonnie Rait, but sadly will not be gracing her hometown this time around.

Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons


Labeled in Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Best New Artists for 2010,” Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons had high expectations for their second album which has recently been released! The album, Old Believers, employs a singer-song writer style along with the ever loving folk harmonies of Cory Chisel and Adriel Harris to create a piece that embodies what we think when we’re in love, and out of love. “Old Love” and “Never Meant to Love You” are my personal favorites. 

I stumbled upon Cory Chisel last year when he opened for The Head and The Heart at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville. I usually do not enjoy the opening band, but was extremely elated when they hit my ears with what I at first questioned was The Head and The Heart, having no idea what the band looked like. This Wisconsin based folk rock duo has pulled at my heart strings, even inspiring me to cover their songs during my own duet performances in Nashville and Knoxville.

Though they are from Wisconsin, I believe it is apropos for me to write about this band on a Nashville music site because on July 23, you have the chance to see them for free at Grimey’s New & Preloved Music in Nashville on Eighth Street at 6 p.m. I will no doubt be there and would love to hear from you if you decide to come! This album is fresh off the press so share it with your friends before they share it with you!

Watch this video of their song "Never Mean to Love You."

Cory Chisel "Never Meant To Love You But It's Too Late Now," Live - NYC 12/1/10

The Ettes: Garage rock band grows from Nashville soil!

The Ettes, a Nashville-based trio are bringing back garage rock with their instantly alluring The Runaways-style sound. Front woman Coco Hames styles a sing-talk like approach to her vocals to follow the primarily guitar driven music. This is no small band with their support from The Black Keys, Kings of Leon and The Dead Weather, all of which they opened for during tours. There is merit to my article’s promise of a reoccurrence of a strong, primarily female band that female musicians like myself can look up to!

Their latest album Wicked Will, which was released in 2011, gives off a combination of control and recklessness all at once. With their rhythmic guitar tunes and and fairly simple melodies the band confines their music to a certain rock genre that emulates love toward Jack White fans. However, they quickly break those confines with their lyrics and harsh vocals that channels their emotions, often of rage, to a decidedly effective melody that sticks inside your head. 

Like glitter on your skin, it’s something beautiful, a statement even, but it will take a lot of cleaning up to get off. These girls are not afraid to get dirty and tell you what they think, no matter the consequence. If this Nashville rock band seems to be calling you become their new best friend and check out Wicked WillHowever, my personal favorite goes to “Take It With You” from their album Do You Want Power. If you’d like even more information on this band you can check out SPIN Magazine’s article on them titled “5 Hot Nashville Bands You Need to Hear Now.”

Levi Weaver - 'Rogue Boat'

What does a record tagged with "post-folk" sound like, exactly? In Levi Weaver's case, it's slow, lush and almost unbearably sad. But just wait until this track bursts open around the two-minute mark--it'll redefine how you think of folk songwriting for sure.

Flights - 'Pillars'

This Nashville duo understands the sheer power of quiet. This heartbreaking track from their new release Anywhere But Where I Am commands your attention without ever raising its voice. Recommended for those fond of the Gem Club school of songwriting.

Top Nashville Music Venues

You are in Nashville. You want something to see and do. there are countless opportunities for you to find something interesting to do but when music is on the mind, there are some venues in the city that are just better than others. If you are visiting or if you are just looking for something to do nearby there are a few locations, you do not want to miss out on.

The Belcourt Theatre is one of them. It is located in the Hillsboro and West End neighborhood near Vanderbilt. You are close to not only music but also classical films here. This is a good option for a night out on the town.

Other top locations to visit include the following:

·         Ryman Auditorium, a large venue in the heart of Downtown Nashville. It is near to the city's museums and offers a range of musical performances each year.

·         Schermerhorn Symphony Center, also located in Downtown Nashville, this facility is ideal for musical performances of a higher caliber and often offers some of the best in community outreach programs.

·         The Mercy Lounge, located in the Downtown Nashville area, this fabulous location is sure to bring home what Nashville is all about. The lounge is the ideal place to relax, too.

·         The Station Inn, this great looking facility is in the Downtown Nashville area. You will find it is one of the best locations for nightclubs as well.

Take a few minutes to check out what is playing at these venues. You never know if there is a big name or just a great new group breaking into the field here. 

What's Going On In Nashville?


Are you ready to take on Nashville? For those who are visiting or living in this music-loving town, there is usually something worth seeing and experiencing here. All you have to do is to know where to be and how to take advantage of the fun that is present. It could be far easier than you realize to enjoy some great music in the heart of this city. The only question is, where will you spend your evening?

Top Activities Going On Now

The following are some of the upcoming events and entertainment options available to you throughout the city of Nashville in the coming weeks. Which of these will you be taking advantage of?

·         Check out Need To Breathe which will be happening on the 23rd and the 24th at the Ryman Auditorium. It will be a fun night of music.

·         The popular band, Journey, will be hitting the stage on the 24th. For those that love Journey and the music they sang growing up to it, check out the show at the TPAC.

·         On March 2nd, there's a big name coming to town that's a must see. Diana Ross will be performing at the Ryman Auditorium that night. Though tickets may be hard to get, they are worth it.

·         Or, you may want to check out the North Mississippi Allstars which will be taking place on March 2nd as well. They will be at the Cannery Ballroom.

Are you planning to visit any of these events? Other shows coming up in a few weeks include Mumford and Sons, Big Time Rush and Dropkick Murphys.

Moon Taxi - 'Gunflower' (video)

As someone who plays bass on the MicroKorg, I was extremely pleased to discover that Moon Taxi's bassist wields the same weapon of choice. It sounds great alongside the more traditional folk instrumentation on this cut off their new LP Cabaret.